Michigan Ross Datathon 2019

Presented by the Center for Value Chain Innovation

In partnership with the University of Michigan Ross School of Business

Friday, February 22nd, 2019

"Datathon was a chance to put everything together, from defining a business problem to formulating analyses to developing a narrative."
- Datathon 2018 Winning Team
Registration Closed

Welcome to the 2019 Michigan Ross Datathon!

After a successful launch of the Michigan Ross Datathon in 2018, the event will return for a second iteration on February 22nd, 2019 in Robertson Auditorium. The event, organized by the Center for Value Chain Innovation (CVCI), will feature Ross student teams from a variety backgrounds competing in a day-long event to showcase their data analytics skills. The event will bring together the Data Science community at Ross and provide a platform for both first-time and experienced data analysts alike to interact and learn.

Tentative Schedule

Time Activity
Thursday, February 21st
5:00 pm Networking Reception with corporate sponsors
7:00 pm Release of Data Schema, Header Data, and Problem Statement
Friday, February 22nd
8:00 am Registration, Welcome Remarks, Breakfast
8:30 am Corporate Presentation by the Principal Sponsor
9:00 am Release of Problem Statement and Dataset
4:00 pm Deadline for Submissions
4:00 pm Expert panel chooses six finalists for final presentations concurrently
5:00 pm Presentations by finalist teams - 10 mins each including Q&A
6:00 pm Expert panel chooses three top teams as winners of the Datathon
7:00 pm Announcement of winners, Distribution of prizes, Conclusion of the event

Datathon 2018

The Inaugural Michigan Ross Datathon, organized by the Ross Center for Value Chain Innovation, came to a close on Friday, April 13th, 2018. The event was a smashing success - about 100 Ross students, from all degree programs, spent the day building their data-based solution to a business problem focused on the Airline industry. Fueled by endless supplies of food and coffee, teams of 4-5 students cleaned, explored, visualized, and analyzed large data sets to define appropriate questions and develop their recommendations.

Presentations by the top six teams were evaluated by an expert panel of judges from our corporate sponsors: E&Y and Llamasoft; and our partner: Correlation-One. Associate Dean Professor M.S. Krishnan delivered concluding remarks and distributed giant (literally!) checks to the winning teams.


First Place Team

Maaz Khalid, Caroline Hodge, Nikhil Kalambur, Jonathan Hochberg

Second Place Team

Olivia Ma, Sijie Cheng, Christopher Demundo, Alex Gutman

Third Place Team

Fernando Santo Andre, John McGrail, Mark Cullen, Cherish Anderson, Jyoty Subramanian

Pictures from the Inaugural Michigan Ross Datathon

Student Experience

"The Datathon exemplified Ross' leadership in action-based learning."
- Datathon Participant
"Highlight of the semester!"
- Datathon Participant


A big thanks to our 2019 sponsors:

Center for Value Chain Innovation

The Center for Value Chain Innovation partners with industry to promote greater innovation and excellence in value chains through interdisciplinary research, thought leadership, education, and a proliferation of ideas that address critical business and societal issues. The CVCI provides solutions to the most significant value chain issues facing businesses today, from technology & business ecosystem innovation to value chain management to emerging market ecosystems to healthcare & live sciences value chains.

Dr. Ravi Anupindi, CVCI Faculty Director

Ravi Anupindi is Colonel William G. and Ann C. Svetlich Professor of Operations Research and Management at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business, as well as founding Faculty Director of the Center for Value Chain Innovation. His main research areas include value chain innovation, technology and business innovation; supply chain management; strategic sourcing; supply chain risk management; lean operations; supply chain sustainability; value chains for economic development and health care delivery in low and middle income countries. His current work includes decision models for commodity operations, supply chain risk management, emerging markets supply chains, resource allocation for malaria interventions, and a study of models of TB treatment and health market innovations.


When will registration start?

Registration will open on February 1st, 2019.

When will registration close?

Registration will be open until February 15th, 2019.

What experience is needed?

No experience needed as a pre-requisite - although to do well in the competition, students have found skills in one or more of Excel, Tableau, R, Python, etc. to be useful.

Is there an application process?

There will be a small, multiple choice screening test that all registrants will be asked to take. In case registrations exceed our capacity then we will use the test results to limit participation.

I'm not a Ross student - can I still participate?

Non-Ross students are welcome as a part of a group with Ross students.

Do I need to register with a team?

If you have a team, great! If you don't have a team, you can be placed in a team of other solo participants.

Where will my team work during the Datathon?

We will provide a shared space for all teams to work in. The rooms will have food and drink provided as well as access to Datathon organizers in case you have any questions as you work. This location will be announced when you arrive for breakfast in the morning on February 22nd.

For any further questions, please email Sanjeev Kumar, Faculty Coordinator for Datathon 2019, at sankum@umich.edu.